An email sender named Aika sent the photos(above) of the works of an artist named Anino.We are planning to write an article on Anino's early days of being a street artist but we don't have pictures and documentations. Second we got  more interested in Aika's enthusiasm and passion for Anino's work.We think that the effect of the artwork/ artist on people's psyche  is a very important part in the whole discussion of art. We had a good discussion with Aika and the text below are extracts from our initial conversation with her.
 Im Aika from Manila i saw your website just 2 hours ago coz i can"t sleep and  when i saw your website i remember my friend Anino,hes one of  the best street artist here in manila but now his  not doing street art i dont know why.
... i really love his style the pattern is so genuies and cool and when i ask him who is that girl he says its Sharon Cuneta. pag kakaalam ko po isa po sya sa mga unang nag street art dito sa Manila hindi pa po nafform yung pilipinas street plan kac matagal na po ako sa kanya nakabili ng print, yung print nya po kasi edition of 9 pcs lang dahil madali lng daw masira yung stencil na nacut isinama lang po ako ng friend ko sa shop nla  when i saw that Sharon Cuneta painting so i take some shoot tas tinanung ko mga kasama nya kung knino and they say kay Anino daw i talk to him a while sinabi ko  na ang galing and he just smile tinanong ko sya kung mahirap ba maging artist ka c dapat madami naiisip and he answered "hindi naman mahirap, kac hindi naman daw sya artist he just saving his time" i laught but i think that was i brilliant answer i ever heard to the artist like him haha! wala napo akong mga photos ng works nya but ill make a call from my friend bka may contact pa sya kay Anino napahaba po kwento ko coz i really love the magic of street art  hehe!