Wasak Na Wakas

Wasak na Wakas, an exhibit by ABMA91 (Multimedia Arts students of Asia Pacific College), revolves around the word 'END' —touching the topic about the predicted apocalypse which had been a trending topic for such a long time.

Every artist had a working statement that briefly speaks for their works; wherein from those statements, personal past experiences or a fictional fear may be deciphered. That’s the core that we’re actually targeting – to give a whole new connotation to an end (wakas) by breaking the fa
ctual and obvious meaning (here is where the term ‘wasak’ comes in).

• Adrom Aguilar
• Roann de Veyra
• Belle Dinglasa
• Lloyd Ecube
• Jamila Grafia
• Krisanne Picardal
• Ramele Protacio
• Jae Rosales
• Janine Sanchez