High Five: Banawe Corvera

Banawe Corvera is a content writer who compiles one-line musings in a rather obscure blog; a portrait/lifestyle photographer on the side and a full-time doting cat lady to Madness.

She is a womanizer, having been known to prefer female subjects and committing to a lifetime of glorifying muses through her personal pursuits.

The common themes that run throughout Banawe’s photographic compilation are melancholy, women and the rural life.

She explores pensive sadness, sensuality and ideas of “home” or “belongingness” through black-and-white portraits, landscapes and abstractions.

She believes that black-and-white best represents her melancholic self, having the tendency to be drawin to loneliness, and using this as a leverage for the creation process.

In a more romantic sense, she draws inspiration from the quiet calm of dark and empty rooms, the fluidity and rage of the waters, the features of women and the changing landscape of life.

1.What is the difference between expressing via words and expressing via photographs?

In a literal sense, the difference is that photos are definitely more visual. You see how the elements combine to form a singular thought/impression. Of course meanings can also alter for every viewer.

Where words fail you, a photograph can command attention and speak volumes when seen from different perspectives.
However, it is also important to acknowledge the ability of the written language to "paint a picture", to paint one so vividly that you can already envision an "image" in your mind.
Ultimately, in terms of expression, both writings and photographs simply coexist, they need not be different.

2. Do cats fuel your creativity?

My cat is my safety blanket, rather. after shoots and chasing ideas, cats are my retreat from the creative process.

3. Imagine that the world had no color at all or black and white, would you want your pictures to be colored?
Only if i'm aware of the concept of "color". Otherwise, i wouldn't mind.

4. What do you think you were in the past life? And why?
An abstract expressionist painter. I've always wanted to paint. That's why I also take abstract photographs - to recreate that desire.

5. If you were a cloud, why?

Because I used to believe that we would all eventually build houses on clouds and live ala Jetsons!