What kind of dish are you having for lunch?

Kalle Lasn, founder of Adbusters Magazine, said that "...the manchurian consumer has innate drives and his emotions trigger immediate connections with consumer goods. Hunger equals Big Mac. Drowsiness equals Starbucks." These drives hold true to some of those living in the city who are usually mandated by the daily grind of life and sequential paychecks.

For most of the parents and kids in hinterlands, option is limited only to their farm's produce (usually sweet potato, cassava, banana, and corn) and other food variety that their family can afford purchased from stores several kilometers  from their home.

Lunch(box) is a series of photos of some schoolchildren's lunchboxes in one of the schools in Mindanao. For this particular set, the photographs were taken from one school having a majority of Manobo learners located in the eastern mountainous region.

Can you guess what they are having for lunch?

top to bottom: rice+boiled egg; corn+dried fish; rice+scrambled egg; rice+sweet potato; corn+uyap(salted tiny shrimp paste); rice+scrambled egg; rice+inon-on na isda (fish cooked in vinegar); rice+boiled egg+longganisa