Wrap-Up Week-End

Garapata in Bacolod. Many artists from all over the archipelago went to Bacolod last Nov. 13-16, 2014 to participate for the Viva Excon 2014. The art event is more of a traditional art event rather  than a "primary flight-ish" or !ha? but it didn't  stop street artists to do what they do best.

Paint Jam by Soika, Buen Abrigo and  Cori Franchesca Co in Bacolod 

Garapata Stop Over in Cebu. He painted with cebuano local street artists, Soika (a Viva Excon Participant), WR, Bart and CrazyMaggot.

Free Anting-Anting. Sprouting in Talamban, Cebu City. Really nice to see street art in Cebu making a comeback with new talents. I thought the difference between Cebu and Manila is that the former ceased to produce new talents while the latter had an endless supply. I was wrong!

Yummy in Busay. Yummy is Bart's younger brother. He is quite unique in Cebu, and has a distinct inking style.

Dr. Karayom for ESC Project Escolta. Dr. Karayom is the artist for this month's ESC Project of 98B in Escolta, Manila.

Garapata x Neo-Angono. From Bacolod to Cebu. This time garapata is painting in Angono, Rizal for Neo-Angono Public Art Festival with Pilipinas Street Plan.

Bart, Soika and Yummy in Busay. Pacman day = Street Art Day

#HaiyanInventory. KoloWn is updating their facebook and instagram about the nostalgic items on their former studio after a year of being destroyed by Haiyan / Yolanda and I think they are not yet done as of now in writing on the theoretical background of Manila Fart's project. 

-Brown for StreetKonect