Let's Talk: Astraberry

Our Current Condition is the second year of Fortuna Circuit, an annual exhibition featuring artists from all around the Philippines.  To give more detail on the artists and their work, we've decided to feature a few interviews with the artists. 

What art piece(s) are you bringing to the exhibit? What’s the story behind it? 

My piece is entitled “Nascent” and this is my current condition.I believe I am still very “young” in my art journey. 

Yes, it has been many years since I engaged in making art, but I feel there is still much to develop. 

Having a baby gave me this realization. I looked at him when he came out, he is such a beautiful work of art and design and I adore him so much. 

Later on, I realized that as perfect as I think he is, I knew he is going to be stronger, more beautiful, and more mature in the years to come.

 I reflected it on my works.  I can be more confident, create more powerful art and generally a better person than I am today in the years to come. And just as I sometimes whisper to my child “don’t grow up too fast”, I would love to enjoy the process and take my time well.
What school of art do you follow? Who are your influences?
 Hayao Miyazaki (founder of Studio Ghibli) is one of my influences, not just in art style but in the philosophies he had for his works. I have also adored Gustav Klimt’s works which speaks to my soul intensely. I love artists who can creatively convey a story in their works. To name a few more of my influences, Nicole Gustaffson, Mary Blair, Valerie Chua and works of Cartoon Saloon led by Tomm Moore. I am never satisfied with just one art style.

What’s your art process? Do you have any habits or practices that you do before making a piece (eg taking a walk, or drinking beer before painting)? 
Sleep and coffee. Meditating and scribbling. 

Where do you want your art to take you? Where do you see yourself and your art in the future? 

I want my art to take me where I will be truly happy. Fame, wealth, success in career are all people’s ambitions in one point or another. But my deepest desire is that I will be able to continue creating art while I can still be with the people I love and that my heart would help bring healing and inspiration to people.

Advice to budding artists out there.

We often get tempted to go into the direction where we want our art to get more attention and appreciation to a certain group of people we want to impress. Partly, it’s alright, we are after all artists and we want to be appreciated. But don’t fall into the trap of settling into the trend or copying just because it’s most "sell-able". Explore deeper into your own soul, and then it will manifest naturally.