Let's Talk: Ronyel Compra

Our Current Condition is the second year of Fortuna Circuit, an annual exhibition featuring artists from all around the Philippines.  To give more detail on the artists and their work, we've decided to feature a few interviews with the artists.

What art piece(s) are you bringing to the exhibit? What’s the story behind it?  

Im showing a luta piece. I went to a tribe in bukidnon; Talaandig. The artist and craftmakers in the tribe is known for their soil paintings. For my piece, I will be using their local soil. I will apply the soil into the red and white cloth which is a common color in their culture and throughout the other tribes in Mindanao and Philippines.

 What school of art do you follow? Who are your influences?

I dont follow a particular school of art. I follow what works based on personal beliefs and principles or whats available. I like the works of Anselm Kiefer, Ai Weiwei, Zhan Huan.

What’s your art process? Do you have any habits or practices that you do before making a piece (eg taking a walk, or drinking beer before painting)? 

For this particular piece, since it’s a collaborative piece, I built relationship with the community first, then after several visits to the tribe, I went through a ritual, asking permission from the spirits and the tribal elders. luckily the people willingly participated.

Where do you want your art to take you? Where do you see yourself and your art in the future? 

I  want to create and develop more ideas. I could either throw away what im currently working on or incorporate this in the future. Im sure my art will grow with me thats for certain regardless of time or place

Advice to budding artists out there.

art, like love, is never enough. hardwork is.. haha