!ha? 5.0 : undo/redo/nonstop

 1.after 8 years we are doing this year's !ha? 5.0 with a theme undo/redo/nonstop. You are free to interpret the theme but don't overthink on it. 

2. This year because of the pandemic we are extending the project to more than a week. So from Nov.11 it would culminate on November 30, 2020. We are also asking the participants to observe social distancing and safety protocols as prescribed by the health professionals.

3. We are welcoming participants from all walks of life. Although it might be totally impossible but we are trying to blur the walls of national boundary, ethnicities, regionalism, sexual orientation, generation gap and other border separations while maintaining our creativity, explorations and sense of humanity.

4. The internet is a great tool for collaboration. It would not be possible without the Friendster during the first !ha?, the sticker submissions from other places during !ha? 2.0 with the help of Multiply, we witnessed Facebooks's power of social networking in ha? 3.0 and 4.0. But for this year's iteration we wanted to comeback to the era where all the chaos happened on a blog's chat box.

For this year also we are deactivating our streetkonect's Facebook and IG page and will concentrate more on this blog again so we wont post any works on streetkonect's social media platforms. we are also affected by Social Dilemma. lol

The blog will centralize all the works and will serve as an online gallery from the submissions. We will also not create this time a separate website.

5. We welcome all forms of art. From public stickers, murals ,installations, net art, online video art and livestream performances. For drawings and 2D art it should be hanged or installed in a way people could see it. It could be your family,community or the internet. We are emphasizing here that your art should be viewable by your own audiences.

6. Send us a copy of documentation of your works to [email protected]. You may post also on your social media accounts. You can use the hashtags #streetkonect #undoredononstop #!ha?. For stickers and murals you may put a shoutout also !ha?5.0

7. Invite your friends to join by explaining to them and sharing this. We welcome suggestions and pitches for collaborations on how could we make this project more interesting. If you have questions and suggestions just contact us.