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sampipebomb manila

art library!

pic a wall contest!

final 3 for streetkonect pic a wall contest! now! tres chikas strong pagong hug kidlat

tope java!

"i dont know how to describe this guy!...i just love going to the mall  staring his designs!" -flaime "HE'S A GREAT MAN WITH GREAT WORKS AND YEAH, HE'S RISING AS GREAT AS THE SUN".-bonit know more tope click here!

taki183 after 4 decades of silence!

"I think graffiti is attractive to kids because it’s a cheap way to get notoriety. If you’re not a great athlete, if you’re not a great scholar, you can always be a great writer and everybody will know you." -taki183 read the full article here!

cebu daily news..january 19, 2010



5 minutes with Cantwo from Wall Lords on Vimeo . "people are taking characters too seriously...graffiti is all about styling the letters" -cantwo

robbo vs. banksy part 2!

hardchick the chick bomber!

sticker city

hi.five: UNGGA!

 words by mona alcudia! 1.        if you could spray paint graffiti on any person, who would it be and on what body part?         - BEYONCE'S ASS @^@  no malice heheheheheheh 2.        after a drunken night, you wake up to find a flamethrower, chicken feathers and a girl you don't know. Explain in one sentence what the hell could have happened.        - GOT WASTED SO SO BAD! hahahahah 3.        give us a pick up line that you've actually used on someone.       -  stop, I might fall for you... (corny p@nyeta hahahahaha) 4.        if you had an "original" superpower (no flying, xray vision, super strength), what would it be?      -  i like the NINJA power... you won't see them in the shadows hehehe just watched ninja assassin kaya    nadadala lang.          original? cge eto TECHNOKINESIS- parang i can control all the modern gadgets and appliances,diba galing without using any of the  gadgets, just the blink of my eye everything works .

streetkonect emblem

streetkonect official emblem designed by deformindustry!

angels and demons!

beef or intervention?

Not since the rivalry of Picasso and Matisse, which prompted the Spanish master’s friends to throw missiles at his French counterpart’s work, has there been such a clash between artistic camps. This time, though, the hostility has arisen over the sweep of a spray can rather than the delicate dabbing of a paintbrush. read the full article here!

fan photo!

happy new year!..tnx for sharing!