• Jan 6, 2010

    hi.five: UNGGA!

     words by mona alcudia!

    1.       if you could spray paint graffiti on any person, who would it be and on what body part?
          - BEYONCE'S ASS @^@  no malice heheheheheheh

    2.       after a drunken night, you wake up to find a flamethrower, chicken feathers and a girl you don't know. Explain in one sentence what the hell could have happened.

           - GOT WASTED SO SO BAD! hahahahah

    3.       give us a pick up line that you've actually used on someone.
        -  stop, I might fall for you... (corny p@nyeta hahahahaha)

    4.       if you had an "original" superpower (no flying, xray vision, super strength), what would it be?

         -  i like the NINJA power... you won't see them in the shadows hehehe just watched ninja assassin kaya    nadadala lang.
             original? cge eto TECHNOKINESIS- parang i can control all the modern gadgets and appliances,diba galing without using any of the  gadgets, just the blink of my eye everything works .

    5.       Let's say the dead Mayans are right and the world ends on 2012. What are you going to do before then?

            just enjoy the  time with friends and family.