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photos: Paper Flight

 January 28,2012 Handuraw, Cebu City

Let's Do This!

neku mst from neku on Vimeo . A day of skating and painting at The Warehouse in Del Pilar, Pampanga last January 28 was a day well-spent. Event: Let's Do This! (Graffiti and Skate Competition) Organized by: Peste Boys Video by: Neku (MST) Song: 99 Problems Artist: Hugo Works by KESO, LIYOW, BLIC, CHESHIRE CAT, LEE SALVADOR, RUIN, PRSS, INSEKTOO and many more! Watch out for Let's Do This 2!

We Love Cats

Cebu City

Colors are Deceiving

Lee Salvador Along Aguinaldo Highway, Cavite, Philippines Photo by Lee Salvador

It's Morphin' Time!

Don't miss Gerilya's exhibit opening tomorrow at Kanto Gallery.

Hot Collabs

Qudo x Tako Dasmari ñas Highway, Cavite, Philippines Photo courtesy of Rai Cruz Blic x Rai x Gasm Pelota Court, BF Resort, Las Pi ñ as, Philippines Photo courtesy of Rai Cruz Roa x Kenton Parker Brooklyn,  Photo by Jaime Rojo From

Paper Flight

photos: Contemporary Cebu

BIYAYA (Blessing)

Here's a freshly painted wall by BLIC x CHESHIRE in Marulas, Kawit, Cavite. The huge piece called "Biyaya" (Blessing) is in time for the Chinese New Year, which celebrates the year of the Water Dragon. But the pair have other things in mind for the tribute. They are celebrating Marulas for its bountiful sea resources and its hardworking people who make a living by gathering clams and oysters. Photo courtesy of Blic

Blue Monkey in Tacloban

TWSC Boys starting up 2012 "Sometimes we have to be a monkey to create great things!"  Mano x Potch x Grim Source

Warehouse Attack!

If you find these walls sweet for painting and the space ripe for thrashing, you'd better come to the Live Graffiti and Skate Competition gig organized by Peste Boys this January 28, 2011 at an abandoned warehouse in Libis, Del Pilar, San Fernando, Pampanga. The warehouse is near Del Pilar Bridge. For more specific directions, contact BURNARD at 0926.821.1146 Envious? Don't miss this!

Catacomb Raiders

NEKU (MST) x PRSS (ARK) under Calamba Bridge, Laguna, Philippines Photo courtesy of Nico Paulo Dasalla


Union Bank, Along Aguinaldo Highway, Dasmariñas, Cavite Photo courtesy of Tako

GERILYA Presents Their First Exhibit

PINOY RANGERS From the kanto to Kanto: Gerilya's first gallery exhibition In November 2011, an artwork featuring three masked Filipino youths in various fighting stances made its overnight debut on a heavily-graffitied wall of the Philcoa overpass in Quezon City. Their  faces hidden by t-shirts of Philippine flags that they wore on their heads, the three looked out at passersby, seemingly ready to fight or defend, should the need arise. One week later, the artwork has been torn to shreds, presumably by well-meaning metro aids. This did not hinder the appearance of several more similar artworks, however. Paintings of youths in t-shirt masks inspired by the flags of the 17th century Philippine revolutionary society of the Katipunan appeared on different walls and public spaces of the metro. While most have been scrapped off from view faster than they have been pasted on, photos of their sightings have made a perceptible splash on the internet. Those who saw the works ha

TWSC Logo Shirt

as TWSC goes 4 years a new shirt is released for celebrating their existence the logo was designed by Grim(TWSC)printed by Dop(TWSC) for your orders just email us ( support tacloban local graffiti scene your orders,our survival!

Iligan City!

daguisonan st. tominobo iligan city photo by Dela Cruz Edzon.


UBEC CREW in Finland

Dipolog Street

via Deepy clothing's facebook



Bata,Bata ikaw ba ay maisasalba??

Kadre x CEA351 December 10, 2011, Mendiola, Manila

New Works by Bigother in London

and he is selling limited edition prints on his site.

Last Laugh

IMBA (Cvty) takes on an old comedy bar in Roxas Blvd., Pasay City. He painted skulls on the faces of the embossed figures of entertainers.

TV Zombie

RAI's first piece for 2012 at  Las Pi ñas, Metro Manila, Philippines


NEKU x PRSS Checkpoint, Calamba City Jan. 1, 2012 Photo by Neku Did you start your year right? Submit photos of your New Year bombings, piecings, etc. to or

KAYOD 2012!

BLIC X DEFORM INDUSTRY "Maligayang Pag-kayod po sa ating Lahat!"

Flying Finger Fish!

MTS Wall, Davao City, Philippines Photo courtesy of Chang