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The Greats

We’re a generation raised with ease in mind, brought into the world of instant coffee and instant noodles and automated teller machines and powdered formula milk, standard operating procedures, standard school manuals, global standards, rules and regulations, where all shirt sizes are medium and all colors are gray, in a world where everything has been invented and designed and tuned to perfection, and if there were questions, Google would answer We’ve lived our lives as if we were worthy to build monuments for, in a world who taught us to believe in ourselves, self-indulgent and narcissistic and egocentric, to chase your dreams and follow the trail of passion, little cities we sculpted out of clicks and drags and sweep all that’s unflattering beneath the rugs using our un-tired feet, heroes in our own world and in our own terms We are a generation deprived of greats – we are afraid of infamy, insanity, absurdity, the sore thumb, the black sheep, nonconformity, where rebels si

High Five: Jan Sunday

That perennial exotic night lady who smokes and kicks your balls by the way she walks and talks pours out her flesh and bone in her own deconstruction of art. She keeps a day job and like every heroine in every comic book, she has something dark to hide at night. The way she does it is far from beautiful according to the norm, or quite the opposite of tradition and is an irony to her very women-ness. Breasts, nipples and both of the labias (Minora and Majora) speak so much about who she is. Literally. Jan Sunday has been in countless group indie pop-up shows and not to mention the show she’s had with her band, Tiger Pussy, where she’s the vocalist. 1. If you got stranded on an island and got a chance to bring one person who would it be? And why? V. Woolf but my boss asked me this question once when he got drunkand then told me to pick a man coz for sure there will be some humpin. And that man? i will never tell. 2. What do you think you were in the pas

High Five: Danielle Sy

Danielle Sea is currently a third year student of the University of San Carlos, taking up Fine Arts Major in Advertising Arts. She is just a kid who wants to draw pretty little things and pretty little girls. Her subjects are mostly soft watercolored pretty girls with long shiny locks full of flowers. Her gentle strokes and lines never stray far from her own tender personality.  1. Why do you like girls as subjects?  Girls have soft edges. 2. What's your favorite medium? Why?   Watercolor. I've started with the really cheap ones for kids in highschool and  recently took it to heart during the start of college and got myself collecting brushes and mixing colors. I love how the paint just goes with the flow of the water, and how much control you have to assert at certain times to achieve what you want with a piece. 3. Have you ever seen a ghost?   I'm not sure,  talawan bitaw ko . (I'm not sure, I'm a scardey-c

High Five: Nikka Uminga

Nikka Uminga is a fish-out-of-water from Manila, now living in Cebu. An interior designer and artist currently working as the head designer for furniture design prodigy, Vito Selma. Her art style is largely inspired by art nouveau, 1920s flapper girls, flowers, pearls, and tattoos from the Kalinga province up north. She has been participating in group exhibitions for almost three years now, and has also done a number of mural works. A myriad of artists inspire her, including Audrey Kawasaki, Nicc Balce, Alphonse Mucha, and Gustav Klimt, just to name a few. Her choice of media break away from the typical, standard fare, utilizing wood furniture finishes, such as wood oil stains, wood dyes, wood tints, and colored varnish. She aims for a bit of sensuality in her work, which she executes by infusing 1920s flapper fashion styles in her artwork, a bit of Art Deco sensibilities. 1. Why do you love wood as your surface or background texture image? I preferred

High Five: Jethro Estimo

Jethro Estimo, familiar to graphic designer ears, started Pow Designs in 1998. With years of involvement in the graphic design scene he has always gone back to his artist roots by creating digital artworks, proving that graphic design is not only confined to commercial work. A few of his inspirations are artist Hieronymus Bosch, surrealist Rene Magritte, and American cartoonists Art Spiegelmann and Don Martin. He is also a lecturer at the Fine Arts Department of University of the Philippines. Jethro has been included in a myriad of art shows. I Am Your G.O.D (Guard On Duty) 1. What would be the first thing you'd do if you woke up one day and you turned into the opposite sex? Buy Tampons 2. What was the most awkward situation you've been in? When I bought Tampons and turned back into a man inside a 711. Yes, Jan 3. If you are granted a power to change the color of mongol pencil, what would it be and why? I cannot imagine changing the color of t

High Five: Banawe Corvera

Banawe Corvera is a content writer who compiles one-line musings in a rather obscure blog; a portrait/lifestyle photographer on the side and a full-time doting cat lady to Madness. She is a womanizer, having been known to prefer female subjects and committing to a lifetime of glorifying muses through her personal pursuits. The common themes that run throughout Banawe’s photographic compilation are melancholy, women and the rural life. She explores pensive sadness, sensuality and ideas of “home” or “belongingness” through black-and-white portraits, landscapes and abstractions. She believes that black-and-white best represents her melancholic self, having the tendency to be drawin to loneliness, and using this as a leverage for the creation process. In a more romantic sense, she draws inspiration from the quiet calm of dark and empty rooms, the fluidity and rage of the waters, the features of women and the changing landscape of life.