High Five: Danielle Sy

Danielle Sea is currently a third year student of the University of San Carlos, taking up Fine Arts Major in Advertising Arts. She is just a kid who wants to draw pretty little things and pretty little girls. Her subjects are mostly soft watercolored pretty girls with long shiny locks full of flowers. Her gentle strokes and lines never stray far from her own tender personality. 

1. Why do you like girls as subjects? 

Girls have soft edges.

2. What's your favorite medium? Why? 

Watercolor. I've started with the really cheap ones for kids in highschool and  recently took it to heart during the start of college and got myself collecting brushes and mixing colors. I love how the paint just goes with the flow of the water, and how much control you have to assert at certain times to achieve what you want with a piece.

3. Have you ever seen a ghost? 
I'm not sure, talawan bitaw ko. (I'm not sure, I'm a scardey-cat.)  

4. What do you think a ghost would look like if you saw one?You can draw it. 

Its somewhere there.

5. How's school?

Pretty cool.