High Five: Jan Sunday

That perennial exotic night lady who smokes and kicks your balls by the way she walks and talks pours out her flesh and bone in her own deconstruction of art. She keeps a day job and like every heroine in every comic book, she has something dark to hide at night. The way she does it is far from beautiful according to the norm, or quite the opposite of tradition and is an irony to her very women-ness. Breasts, nipples and both of the labias (Minora and Majora) speak so much about who she is. Literally. Jan Sunday has been in countless group indie pop-up shows and not to mention the show she’s had with her band, Tiger Pussy, where she’s the vocalist.

1. If you got stranded on an island and got a chance to bring one person who would it be? And why?

V. Woolf but my boss asked me this question once when he got drunkand then told me to pick a man coz for sure there will be some humpin.

And that man? i will never tell.

2. What do you think you were in the past life? And why?

The first wife of a notorious gangster/criminal... or a suicidal artist or writer in the early 1900s

3. Tell us about the subjects in your artworks.
Mostly are self portraits and secrets.

4. Does Post Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) affects the effect of your artwork?
No, but im more productive when depressed.

5. How many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth?

If i tell you, i'd be givin' too much away.