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Davao Streets

Wrap-Up Week-End

Garapata in Bacolod . Many artists from all over the archipelago went to Bacolod last Nov. 13-16, 2014 to participate for the Viva Excon 2014.  The art event is more of a traditional art event rather  than a "primary flight-ish" or !ha? but it didn't  stop street artists to do what they do best. Paint Jam by Soika, Buen Abrigo and    Cori Franchesca Co in Bacolod  Garapata Stop Over in Cebu. He painted with cebuano local street artists, Soika (a Viva Excon Participant), WR, Bart and CrazyMaggot. Free Anting-Anting . Sprouting in Talamban, Cebu City. Really nice to see street art in Cebu making a comeback with new talents. I thought the difference between Cebu and Manila is that the former ceased to produce new talents while the latter had an endless supply. I was wrong! Yummy in Busay. Yummy is Bart's younger brother. He is quite unique in Cebu, and has a distinct inking style. Dr. Karayom for ESC Project Escol

Help Kickstart "Manileños"!

It's crunch time for The Filipino Street Art Project 's (FSAP) Kickstarter campaign for its flagship project, the documentary film  "Manileños". Only 3 DAYS are left for FSAP to raise their target amount of $15,000 for the completion of the documentary. Filmmakers Kim Dryden and Austin Smith have been filming on and off in Manila since 2013. "It's a feature length documentary that uses the lives and stories of several Filipino street artists to explore Manila, the world's densest city, and celebrate the power of street art to empower and inspire. It's an important story to tell right now because the Philippines economy is booming and so the country is changing really fast - socially and politically. The film raises issues that affect us all, too, like the effects of globalization and the role of public art," Kim explains. According to Austin Smith: "For the past two years I have been filming off and on in Manila, living with stre

November Openings

News on three solo shows caught our attention this week--all firsts for these artists. Two are by Manila-based artists, GORI and NUNO who are known to reign in the urban jungles of Metro Manila with their wheatpastes, and tags, throwies, and pieces, respectively.  We featured GORI a while back in an interview  and covered him when he was still starting with paste-ups.   His Gorilla character have shown up in a many incarnations and sizes in and out of the metro. After 5 years of working in the streets, it may be high time for him to do a gallery show and he has found the opportunity to do it in Secret Fresh this year. The show's title "GO! REACH THE SKY" is clearly a word play on his street name "GORI". But it could also be a declaration of claiming his goal. Whatever it may be - fame/fortune or just the fuel to keep his passion for creation, is only as far as he makes it.  GORI's first solo show opens on November 9, 2014 at Secret Fresh, G/F Ronac

Eerie Ball 2014 Recap

This years Eerie Ball was a blast! With all the alcohol from Tanduay it was a bit hard to remember what went down that night, so he we are doing a short recap of the night. We hope you all got to recuperate from all that crazy fun.  Art installation titled Uhong Express by Ronyel Compra, you can check out more of his works  here . Our lovely host Maria Gigante working it. DJ Pop Days working up some chill tunes while the bands set up. First band up was Psychomonkey. Second band was the very energetic Sunday Sunday. The last band of the night was mosh pit inducing The Pervs. Hogwarts students and ghouls getting some serious beer pong on. Best Male Costume of the night was Daper Wolf Guy! The Best Female Costume of the night was Miss Totoro, she told us she had her costume made just for that night.  Best Couple costume went to house Slytherin and Ravenclaw, 10 points to your houses! Best Group went to the rowdy and fun