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Siamese Rat x Astraberry x IndigoElix for !ha? 5.0

Siamese Rat x Astraberry x IndigoElix To have Indigo’s drawings and doodles on the wall reminded us of how we started to explore the creative process. Observing him as he builds this own world of ideas in its crudest and rawest form, reminds us that children have the innate sense of creative expression in any form that they are comfortable. We cannot help but be happy to realize that we were once kids who are just bold and daring to create something at the surge of the moment. Seeing the raw and “undisciplined” techniques revealed to us how swift imagination can run. Collaborating with our son, allowed us to be a “kid” again.  Some families keep a record of their kid’s heights every year on a door post or wall. We are keeping these drawings, and even if they will be painted over, they will forever be “embedded” in these walls.  

Bart Brothers for !ha? 5.0

Bart and Yummy  

Mano for !ha? 5.0

 Mano Tacloban

Greys Lockheart for !ha? 5.0

  View this post on Instagram A post shared by @srta.greys Sylvie That vessel is recognizable but feels unfamiliar Changing styles, shapes, moods, phases Where is yourself? We are always conflicted with the 'versions' of ourselves There is something fundamental, there is something transformational Look for the soul in your eyes You have affirmations Watching this, you are actually reflected in the black mirror you are holding right now For !ha? 2020 Music: Kozuke Anamizu (Preghost) .

Alyssa Selanova for !ha? 5.0

  Andy Warhol in 2020 "Everyone is an artist" for ! ha? 5.0 undo/redo/nonstop Collaborated with different  individuals  from different walks of life to reconstruct my artwork (first photo). 2nd photo: Paula Tagra, Student 3rd photo: Love Barrera, Teacher 4th photo: Darla Belleza, Brand Communications and Campaigns Specialist 5th photo: Redz Milan, Freelancer 6th photo: Lorraine Ecarma, Journalist 7th photo: Alyssa Gerente, Associate Pharmacy Clerk 8th photo: John Charlo Icot, Creative Associate 9th photo: Siena Alde, Second Courser

koloWn for !ha? 5.0

  "painted an image from 2 bars 3G video messenger call. Installed temporarilly in the same location where the call was for !ha? 5.0 undo/redo/nonstop"

Happy Garaje for !ha? 5.0

  "We are joining by posting little portions of the studio that show parts of our work process"

!ha? 5.0 : undo/redo/nonstop

 1.after 8 years we are doing this year's !ha? 5.0 with a theme undo/redo/nonstop. You are free to interpret the theme but don't overthink on it.  2. This year because of the pandemic we are extending the project to more than a week. So from Nov.11 it would culminate on November 30, 2020. We are also asking the participants to observe social distancing and safety protocols as prescribed by the health professionals. 3. We are welcoming participants from all walks of life. Although it might be totally impossible but we are trying to blur the walls of national boundary, ethnicities, regionalism, sexual orientation, generation gap and other border separations while maintaining our creativity, explorations and sense of humanity. 4. The internet is a great tool for collaboration. It would not be possible without the Friendster during the first !ha?, the sticker submissions from other places during !ha? 2.0 with the help of Multiply, we witnessed Facebooks's power of social networ

brief history of !ha?

 !ha? September 2008 Tacloban for !ha? more pics Bart and other Cebu Artists for !ha? more pics here KoloWn and other Cebu Artists for !ha? archive here !ha? 2.0 July 2009 For !ha? 2.0 the format changed, it became a sticker event instead of a public art projects.  poster by Karingkay for !ha? 3.0 archive here !ha? 3.0 : the colorblind below is a poster for !ha? 3.0 by koloWn and text written by Angely Chi (!ha? organizer for Davao).We were planning to write a text for !ha? but the text below is more than enough. check also the archive site here It was in 2008 that the seeds of !HA? were sown. An art festival was brewing in Cebu and the newly-formed graffiti crew called UBEC ("Cebu" backwards) was looking at it from a distance. Its members shared the same sentiments: They can't afford the art fest's registration fee and they were wary of the attitudes of the artists in attendance. Upon these, UBEC made a street art fest that lasted a week. They first referred to it as