After capturing our attention with their curiously fresh and endearing manipulated photographs that make you wonder and tell yourself to look out for deep openings in the surface of the earth the next time you go for a walk around the city, SK was given a chance by the lovebirds to fire up an interview in spite of their busy schedule...  

Hello Claire and Karlu! We're glad that you've agreed to be interviewed. Please tell us more about WλNDERフォ and how did you come up with the name.
Hello! Our duo have been taking digital and analog photographs for a year and a half now. Recently, we decided to give our duo an identity so we've come up with a non-cliché name, WλNDERフォ(WanderPhoto). Our goal is to find beauty in strange and underrated places, and capture [them] the most direct way possible. Karlu is exceptional in shooting landscapes, [using] analog photography, and drawing illustrations while I handle portraiture photography and post-processing. We usually just carry our cameras, spontaneously documenting ourselves as we wander around the city. We are suckers for natural light, prime lenses, expired 35mm films, VHS glitches, convex security mirrors, and symmetrical patterns. We create our own little escape and visually share it to people. We seek inspiration from nostalgic places, thrift store hauls, Wes Anderson movies, and underrated indie bands.

Artists have different dispositions when it comes to imagery. We would love to have you talk about what first drew you to street photography and graphic designing.
We've been graphic designing and illustrating since high school. In college, we developed our love for photography. We bought our first analog camera back in January 2013 from William Lutz, who is an amazing street photographer. He later invited us to join the cute camera club, a collective of analog photographers in Davao City. We draw the motivation to do street photography from the members of the club. We like the idea of blurring the line between reality and illusion through digitally vandalizing our photographs with illustrations. In street photography, everything is not perfect and that's kind of what makes it even better.

What are your thoughts and feelings when creatives from another country (let's say Germany) discovers you?
We nearly cried the moment you invited us to be interviewed lol. If our work would be recognized internationally, we might drown in our own puddle of tears haha!

Kindly complete this sentence: "If there's a metaphor that describes our work, it would be..."
...the city is a museum without walls and a big empty canvas waiting to be painted!

Please don't forget to check them out here: http://wndr.co.vu