High Five: Martina Paukova

Martina Paukova is a London based illustrator who has recently had a residency program with Tropical Futures Institute in Cebu City. She's done illustration work for Time Magazine, Google, Converse, Pull&Bear just to name a few. We got a chance to have a short interview with her. 

1. How did you end up being an illustrator? 
It happened almost by accident - after my studies in politics I moved to London to try something else and just explore. Here I met a guy that studied photography at a local college and who suggested I sign up for something too. And I did! I chose graphic design (as I knew a little bit of Photoshop and thought that what graphic designers need) which eventually led to illustration.

2. What do you think you'd be doing right now if you weren't an illustrator? 
Gosh, god knows! For last couple of years I've been so immersed in all things visual that it is super hard to imagine what else I'd do. I envy all the people working with new technologies in a creative and socially enriching way, probably I'd do that. Or something with food! Am a big fan.

Martina's series for her Tropical Futures Institute residency program. 

3. We understand you recently visited the Philippines, what was the most odd thing you encountered during your stay? 
Hmm, I should probably mention the high levels of very visible poverty and daily hard work that I have seen on daily basis in the city of Cebu - all this mixed with totally another class of people - with very good education and very comfortable lifestyle. Stark contrast. Another odd thing was pasta dish in Jollybee food outlet. Weird.

4. What's your favorite food to have for breakfast? 
Haha, breakfast is my favourite! I do love sourdough bread with avocado or eggs or blueberry jam accompanied with cup black coffee. Simple as that.

Martina's series for her Tropical Futures Institute residency program. 

5. What's your advice to aspiring illustrators?
Keep creating and producing and keep sending your stuff out. Keep on top of the game by following creative blogs, see what is liked, what is trendy, try new things yourself! Also make sure that whatever you create is put on social media Asap, let people know what are you up to! You never know what art director or magazine editor will see it and offer you a gig!

Her recent work for Cannes Lions Festival last June 2016.