Pilipinas Street Plan 10th Anniversary Show

Pilipans Street Plan (PSP) is a community that has grown committed in showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art on streets. Founded in 2006, It has been a platform that opened doors for creative individuals from various disciplines. The collective since then shares to the public a range of in-depth knowledge about street art crossing beyond their practices, through exhibitions, lectures, discussions, and publications. 

Along with the constant societal shift which is a major influence in the way urban art is expressed, PSP challenges the perception not only of the viewing public but also the galleries. PSP serves as a link between the contemporary art institutions and post-modern graffiti movement without disrupting the rudimentary principles of street art.

X” is a dynamic symbol expressing various definitions in diverse cultures throughout history. As a Roman numeral, X equates to number 10. In mathematics, it is referred as an unknown value or a distinguished independent variable. X, in artistic applications, is also used as an indication of collaboration between two individuals or a group. It can also be a specification of a location, hence the expression “X marks the spot”.

As part of the 10th year anniversary of PSP, “X” is taken as a symbol, connecting and collaborating with various craftsperson and skilled workers in creating pieces that will provide a deeper understanding of our culture, be it slowly fading or forgotten because of their modern alternatives. The exhibit intends to support and acknowledge local craftsmanship, in cooperation with contemporary street artists, muralists, and galleries in honouring their craft.

Romanticizing the short-lived, colliding the old with the new, reinvigorating the tired ethos with a fresh approach with a sense of impermanence, Pilipinas Street Plan attempts to reinforce the backbone of the local, endemic craft celebrating a decade of decadence in an attempt to “mark the spot” with an indelible “X”.

-X Exhibition Notes