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the weekend that was!

kidlat karingkay rotten billboard liberation by chase and ema rushta in davao gramo.ehm rest and choly the wall lords!

cebu street scandal

if brazil has pixo bombers..cebu has mamandalay or the taggers called themselves as "vandalismo".. tagayon nato ni bai! old skol!..praise the roof! share your photos with us!..send to


asa ba?


visual!  for digitaldelight 09162212876

louie cordero!

photo by nemo!

void session!

tallest obey piece!

photo from the bomb it!

first amendment.....larry flynt!


piss x spine x ehm


   photos by STARK!



chas..mano yabi..doom

blu @ bogota,columbia

photos: sore

photos by gerard ledesma

philippine star

read the article

what keeps uzi busy?

kdlig on girlaloo exhibit!

usc-cafa.....check the group site..

chix graffiti



unknown sticker near parkmall!

Lucia, Luis y el lobo

LUIS from diluvio on Vimeo . LUCIA from diluvio on Vimeo . Lucia, Luis y el lobo by Chilean artists Niles Atallah, Cristobal Leon, and Joaquin CociƱa.

halloween specials!

deform..uzi+sam...naze..void crew