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The Greats

We’re a generation raised with ease in mind, brought into the world of instant coffee and instant noodles and automated teller machines and powdered formula milk, standard operating procedures, standard school manuals, global standards, rules and regulations, where all shirt sizes are medium and all colors are gray, in a world where everything has been invented and designed and tuned to perfection, and if there were questions, Google would answer
We’ve lived our lives as if we were worthy to build monuments for, in a world who taught us to believe in ourselves, self-indulgent and narcissistic and egocentric, to chase your dreams and follow the trail of passion, little cities we sculpted out of clicks and drags and sweep all that’s unflattering beneath the rugs using our un-tired feet, heroes in our own world and in our own terms
We are a generation deprived of greats – we are afraid of infamy, insanity, absurdity, the sore thumb, the black sheep, nonconformity, where rebels sit on lofty armchairs and yell against the system using a standard-issue battery-operated megaphone, empty statuses and tweets and quotes borrowed from obscure blog posts and newspaper run-intos, and we go to sleep and dream of conformity, dream of our mother’s womb, dream of monarchic order, where everything in history that’s been done by Hitler and Caesar and Nero is not to be emulated
We are a generation of pretentious makers, self-styled masters of styles of carbon copies and patched-up mosaics of magazine clippings from history, and we shit on it like we own it. What we say is apparently what we believe in and not what we believe in is what we say, for we were raised in a world of point-of-purchase, shock advertising, call-to-actions and name recall, and what matters is not why you do it and how you do it but what you do and who you are and how you look and what shoes you wear and what brands you rock. We’ve got no more Dalis, no more Da Vincis, no more Mozarts, no more Shakespeares, because we’re all Dalis, Da Vincis, Mozarts, Shakespears in our own right and we believe it so under a strong hallucinatory sensation
We’re a generation of hollows and empty shells and we go through journeys of picking up things we like to believe in and we call ours, and out of desperation, select fragments of hollywood stars and local TV actors to fill a hole that’s inside us that’s been deprived of self-thought, independent thinking, and developed tastes, we’re blatantly copying from copies, we’re putting together amalgamations of amalgams, and we shit on it like we own it
We’re a generation where ‘great’ has lost its meaning in between all the reblogs and retweets and favorites and likes and shares and definitions, where meaning is for topical application and descriptions are tooltip highlights, where association is preferred over understanding
and undeniably, we’re great at it. 

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conversation with nemo!

"sick.sweet.raw.jaw dropping.wicked painter in all sorts of canvass" -okto Streetkonect: how old are you? 23 Streetkonect: where do you live? And describe the art scene in your place. ususan, taguig city mjo patay ang art scene smen puro kc gangster at adik bubuhayin pa lng nmen ni whoooop! hehe Streetkonect: How would you describe your art and your artistic process? cguro un description nung gwa k di nalalayo s pop-popsurreal/popsocial- surreal tas automatism tas imagintaion based.twag nung iba lowbrow art.. pagkakaalam k kc ksma street art at graffiti dun.. un proseso dpende s kung anu un ggwin e.. minsan me studies minsan nman wla, automatism tlga. tas minsan un mga subliminal images n mkkta m ng bglaan. halimbwa un image n nbbuo s marmol at un image s mga lumot tas un image n mkkta m pag tinamaan ng liwanag un wytbord at kung anuanu pa.. imaginary prends tska mga drowings ng bata. dun ngcmula un mga halimaw Streetkonect: Who/What are your influences? s lokal mda

Tie One

 Jonathan See Lim AKA Tie One (1979–1998), was a graffiti artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was well known in the graffiti community for his aggressive style of graffiti art and the large amount of work he produced. Lim was born in the Philippines to ethnic-Chinese parents. During his early childhood, his family moved to California. -pilipinas-streetplan Saint Patrick’s Day has always been difficult to celebrate because on this day eleven years ago, our friend and soldier Tie, Jonathan See Lim, was murdered in the Tenderloin of San Francisco on Turk and Taylor. A man named William Porter shot him in the back of his head while Tie was begining to climb a rooftop to pain. Of cource the SF police covered it up as a robbery and our 18 year old little buddies death went unvindicated. He was a major influence to us all and his memory will live on in our hearts. - saberone

Wrap-Up Week-End

Garapata in Bacolod . Many artists from all over the archipelago went to Bacolod last Nov. 13-16, 2014 to participate for the Viva Excon 2014.  The art event is more of a traditional art event rather  than a "primary flight-ish" or !ha? but it didn't  stop street artists to do what they do best. Paint Jam by Soika, Buen Abrigo and    Cori Franchesca Co in Bacolod  Garapata Stop Over in Cebu. He painted with cebuano local street artists, Soika (a Viva Excon Participant), WR, Bart and CrazyMaggot. Free Anting-Anting . Sprouting in Talamban, Cebu City. Really nice to see street art in Cebu making a comeback with new talents. I thought the difference between Cebu and Manila is that the former ceased to produce new talents while the latter had an endless supply. I was wrong! Yummy in Busay. Yummy is Bart's younger brother. He is quite unique in Cebu, and has a distinct inking style. Dr. Karayom for ESC Project Escol