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Bored Design: Palayan and Escape from Enigma

There’s been a whole lot of exiting done these days. Chexit, brexit, the shape and taste of everyone’s favorite instant pancit (canton) – even boardgames have been trying to exit the stereotype that it’s tagged to.  Times are changing, people. Tabletop gaming isn’t just for kids and nerds anymore.  "And Then We Held Hands" at Ludo Cafe in Manila.  In the past two years Cebu has seen the tabletop gaming community gather in number. Counting at around 60 members back in 2014, the group now stands with more than 270 members from all sorts of backgrounds and professions with more or less 50 of which who gather regularly once or twice a week to play.        Cebu Board Gamers playing at Bubble Tea Cafe at Escario Central in Cebu.  Gamers playing "Codename" at Ludo Cafe in Manila. But it doesn't end there. People have become so keen on tabletop gaming that gaming cafes like Ludo have begun sprouting in Manila, while a few individuals have be


Barrio Peligro by Happy Garaje. I want to be a dwarf chieftain. Risk is experimenting on Neon Lights. Safe to call Neon Writing? Egg Fiasco visits Cebu and made a collab with Bart, Soika, Kdlt and Yummy  Bomba Press released an amazing series of poster  for the DROUPOUT's tour. The official poster was designed by Siamese Rat. Ernest DiƱo made a new glitch video art,Screen Fix 1

Pilipinas Street Plan 10th Anniversary Show

Pilipans Street Plan (PSP) is a community that has grown committed in showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art on streets. Founded in 2006, It has been a platform that opened doors for creative individuals from various disciplines. The collective since then shares to the public a range of in-depth knowledge about street art crossing beyond their practices, through exhibitions, lectures, discussions, and publications.  Along with the constant societal shift which is a major influence in the way urban art is expressed, PSP challenges the perception not only of the viewing public but also the galleries. PSP serves as a link between the contemporary art institutions and post-modern graffiti movement without disrupting the rudimentary principles of street art. “ X” is a dynamic symbol expressing various definitions in diverse cultures throughout history. As a Roman numeral, X equates to number 10. In mathematics, it is referred as an unknown value or a distinguished

High Five: Martina Paukova

Martina Paukova is a London based illustrator who has recently had a residency program with Tropical Futures Institute in Cebu City. She's done illustration work for Time Magazine, Google, Converse, Pull&Bear just to name a few. We got a chance to have a short interview with her.  1. How did you end up being an illustrator?   It happened almost by accident - after my studies in politics I moved to London to try something else and just explore. Here I met a guy that studied photography at a local college and who suggested I sign up for something too. And I did! I chose graphic design (as I knew a little bit of Photoshop and thought that what graphic designers need) which eventually led to illustration. 2. What do you think you'd be doing right now if you weren't an illustrator?  Gosh, god knows! For last couple of years I've been so immersed in all things visual that it is super hard to imagine what else I'd do. I envy all the people working wi