Box of Little Secrets: X Launch Party and Sketch Night

Sex sells, so we decided to put it an postcards and stuff them in a box. For the loving month of February we launched our first product for this year, the Box of Little Secrets: X. 

The Box of Little Secrets: X is an erotic art postcard compilation of 40, with 10 artists having 4 artworks each. Each box is limited edition, having only 40 pieces produced, each box is P1,000. The artists included in the box are, Banawe Corvera, Budoy, Danielle Sea, Jan Sunday, Jethro Estimo, Kathryn Layno, Lucille Umali, Niel Quisaba, Veronikka Uminga, and Russ Ligtas

On the lovely night of February 21 we officially unboxed our Box of Little Secrets: X with a sketch session at The Chillage. There were 3 initial models for the night, and one surprise model for the finale. Each model had 2 poses, and each pose lasted from 15 to 20 minutes. And while all those steamy poses and sketches were going on we had our DJ friends, like Budoy, Pop Days, and DJ Pedofucks, dish out some chill tunes. 

A few of the boxes that we displayed.

First model.

Second model.

Our second model posing for a photo with one of the sketches given to her by a participant. 

Third model.

Some of the artists included in the box. (Left to right) Jethro Estimo, Budoy, Niel Quisaba, Banawe Corver, and Veronikka Uminga.

It was a chill night filled with good music, great company and awesome sketches. In behalf of the Streetkonect team we'd like to thank everybody who went to the launching. We'd also like to thank everybody who made the event possible. We hope everybody had a blast and we hope to see you at our future events! 

You can still purchase the Box of Little Secrets: X, just go to our facebook page and drop us a line.