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What kind of dish are you having for lunch? Kalle Lasn, founder of Adbusters Magazine, said that "...the manchurian consumer has innate drives and his emotions trigger immediate connections with consumer goods. Hunger equals Big Mac. Drowsiness equals Starbucks." These drives hold true to some of those living in the city who are usually mandated by the daily grind of life and sequential paychecks. For most of the parents and kids in hinterlands, option is limited only to their farm's produce (usually sweet potato, cassava, banana, and corn) and other food variety that their family can afford purchased from stores several kilometers  from their home. Lunch(box) is a series of photos of some schoolchildren's lunchboxes in one of the schools in Mindanao. For this particular set, the photographs were taken from one school having a majority of Manobo learners located in the eastern mountainous region. Can you guess what they are having for lunch?

MVGNA, a new creative space opens in Davao City

A team of local writers, photographers, and artists from Davao   in partnership with Disenyo + Arkitektura and a local architecture firm , jumpstarted  MVGNA (pronounced Espasyo Alternatibo  (Alternative Space) last March 8, 2014. It is from the Visayan word "mugna" which means "to create", "to initiate", and "to actualize".   Artist Mark Salvatus and curator Mayumi Hirano who were in town for a research on artist collectives and artist-run initiatives, were invited to speak about their initiatives and community projects. Both co-founded 98B COLLABoratory in Escolta with other artists, designers, writers, and researchers. Hirano is also one of the curators of the Koganecho Bazaar, an annual bazaar  that takes place in a transformed public space of Koganecho area, formerly notorious as a red light district in Yokohama, Japan. Koganecho Bazaar is one of the results of the years collaboration among the local city government,

Box of Little Secrets: X Launch Party and Sketch Night

Sex sells, so we decided to put it an postcards and stuff them in a box. For the loving month of February we launched our first product for this year, the Box of Little Secrets: X.  The Box of Little Secrets: X is an erotic art postcard compilation of 40, with 10 artists having 4 artworks each. Each box is limited edition, having only 40 pieces produced, each box is P1,000. The artists included in the box are, Banawe Corvera , Budoy , Danielle Sea , Jan Sunday , Jethro Estimo , Kathryn Layno , Lucille Umali , Niel Quisaba , Veronikka Uminga , and Russ Ligtas .  On the lovely night of February 21 we officially unboxed our Box of Little Secrets: X with a sketch session at The Chillage. There were 3 initial models for the night, and one surprise model for the finale. Each model had 2 poses, and each pose lasted from 15 to 20 minutes. And while all those steamy poses and sketches were going on we had our DJ friends, like Budoy, Pop Days, and DJ Pedofucks, dish out some chill tunes


If you think illegality is a thing of the past, think twice.

Abstract Graffiti

After a myriad of developing styles in graffiti in the past years, a new sort of abstraction is developing in the Philippine street art scene.  Defs Flai Keed Mok

The Art of Miron Milic

Miron Milic is a 33 year old draughtsman, street artist and graphic illustrator from Zagreb, Croatia. He paints with old - flavoured lines and tragicomic characters or landscapes (often accompanied by old japanese poets' haiku quotes; creating paradoxical situation once on a particular wall. He likes to paint with a 'classic style' and 'dark humor' at the same time and quite often he use the pure, genuine black and white, drawing the artificial ugly beauties surrounding us all, as well as nature and animals.After initial exhibitions in Zagreb, his work has been exhibited in solo and collective art-shows in Zurich, Vienna, Madrid, Montpellier, Kiev and Paris and featured on Croatian Playboy magazine.

Walls of the Week

1.Basic Lee, Cebu 2.Baic Lee x Tripp63, Manila 3. Crist Espiritu, Manila

Cebu x Cali

Leero x Saike x Basic Lee x Flai x Gats Rahman St., Mango, Cebu City Photo by: Saike