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Digging Deeper: Ronyel Compra

Tracing familiar objects using traditional art styles, Ronyel Compra's "luta" pieces featuring his grandmother's house and other objects of nostalgia certainly make a dent. Here’s Streetkonect’s little interview with the artist a week after the“Lakra” exhibit at 856 G Gallery. First of all congratulations on your successful solo exhibit at 856 G Gallery. Lakra was well –received. We all enjoyed looking at the different luta pieces displayed at the exhibit.   We’re just wondering, why luta though? You made a luta piece for Fortuna Circuit before, what drove you to make an entire set of luta pieces for a solo exhibit? What’s this predilection towards incorporating local art processes? As far as I could recall, doing the luta of my grandmother’s house was originally what I had in mind when I started to try this process because I was thinking of extending the life of the deteriorating house, and conveying a visual narration about the place.  I ev