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Southern Stories: Photo Exhibit by Charles Buenconsejo & Aleyn Comprendio (4/28/12)

In collaboration with Heima, Charles Buenconsejo and Aleyn Comprendio's two-man show entitled, “Sea Sun and Sky” and "We’d Seen Each Other In A Dream”, is an exhibit of analogue and film photography. The photographs revolve around their childhood, nostal gia, nature, honesty, and stories from the south. "Southern Stories" is the combined title of the two exhibits, much like a book with two sides with varying points of view. This exhibit also defines some of the themes of the current summer season for Heima. Source: Heima Interior Design Studio ( )

Gurtam:There's no easy way...

Upcoming Exhibit: 9 Lives

ELEMENTO for Lirio

ELEMENTO and other sound artists will perform at Souk Kafe , Terraza Dasma on Saturday, April 28 in a benefit show for Lirio Salvador, the Cavite-based visual assemblage, sound artist and founder of Elemento. who is still recovering from a brain injury after being a victim of a hit-and-run accident.


A PRSS insect in Intramuros, Manila, Philippines.

Why Do We Run?

Filipino director Francis Xavier Pasion posed the question after observing fellow fun-runners in the Nat Geo Earth Day Run last April 22, 2012 throw their paper cups and bottled waters on the street. In his Facebook post, Pasion said he hopes "the organizers did not place plastic bottled waters or papers cups in the various stops of the race. I hope they reiterated upon registration that the runner must bring his/her own container and that water [fountains] will be stationed instead. That could have saved them more money, and, yes, some trees."  He added that organizers should be clear with their intentions in organizing such events. Photo by Francis Xavier Pasion

Tree Protest

Musician Dong Abay tied himself to a pine tree for an hour in Session Road, Baguio City last April 20, 2012 to protest the cutting of trees in the city to clear land for the extension and development of SM City Baguio. Photo from Dong Abay


Sundays will never be the same for Davao's creative community with a new gathering called Sunday Graphic Sunday organized by the Hiphouse community. Headed by Jad Montenegro and Cheekie Albay, Hiphouse presents a venue for Davao creatives to enjoy nights of productive socializing. Sunday Graphic Sunday's Open Screen Night gave Davao creatives an opportunity to showcase their works and projects. First night last April 22, 2012 served hot works from artists Gleb de Pio, Duane Maño, Alben Tan, RK Trumata, John Amor, Bjorn Ending, Macky Pamintuan, and Xiao Prieto. Angely Chi of Streetkonect also presented early milestones of the Davao graffiti and street art scene and Team Manila, the event's honored guests, shared the story of their graphic success.  The crowd. Host for the night: Jad Montenegro Doodling on boards that will be donated to former Via Cafe, an art space. DCK and NDK vandals joined the fare. Angely Chi of SK Team presents "Rebel

SIM in Tagum City!

SIM's ongoing mural project with local artists in Tagum City, Mindanao, Philippines. Photos courtesy of Sim Tolentino

Project: Ting-Tong, Chang's "BLIND CHANCE"

Blind Chance Ting-Tong, Chang presents you a disastrous road movie. The project is titled Blind Chance: a bus is hired and covered with black curtains. Around 20-30 Polish will be invited to join the trip. No age, sex nationality requirements. In the circumstance of the destination untold, they are given black masks and cover their faces. In the total darkness, the trip begins: the bus starts its tour around the city. It follows an irregular route designed to confuse the passengers. During the travel, a recording starts to play—10 foreigners talk about their sweet dreams and nightmares in Poznan. Deprived from vision, the passengers participate the dreams by their sensibility: by sound, movements and vibration of the engine. The bus slowly drives out of the city and heads to the middle of nowhere—it stops in several different spots, chosen purely by random. Each spot, one passenger, chosen purely by random, will be taken out of the bus and finds his/her own way home. The bus


FOUR TWENTY ONE Iloilo! April, 21, 2012 Third World skatepark, Baluarte, Molo, Iloilo City Wasper's notes on the event: "ksin, so be it, & carrotbombing came up with something fresh for iloilo. a street culture exposition focused on street art. workshop on street art and mural painting. handstyle showdown. bikers and skaters, haters, shutterbugs, bloggers, bystanders, whatevers, epals, kupals, asungots, sunoys, jejemons, panks, hiffhafferz, swaghurz, whatsoevers, whoevers were also invited." SAKE vs SPLEEN battle for best throwie That's a skatepark! Doodle wall Wasper tags a shirt. Photos courtesy of Wasper


Manila, Philippines

Upcoming Exhibit: Vermont Coronel's "Spirit of a Place"

As much as they are composed out of the streets this time around, Vermont Coronel Jr.'s stencil-employed works on canvas do not lack the grit of the space that informs them. Detailed and controlled, the hyperrealist works are an orchestration of photography, stencil and a erosol. The tenacity of Coronel's practice extends to further multiplicity - each work is composed of stenciled blocks arranged into layers that overlap by gradient and merge to create depth and detail. Spirit Of A Place is Coronel's first solo exhibition that also stands as a significant juncture to his practice as a street artist. Veiled and branded as 'VR' he treats the urban environment as subject and site of his paintings, pronouncing his commitment to the streets as he reacts to it. However, the event of this exhibition is without a sense of departure of his roots. Through a meticulous program, Coronel applies the artistic format of stencil he has dedicated himself to ever since. Furthermo

HAPPY 420!

DCK at the MTS walls, Davao City.

The Thinking Idiot

Karl Pilkington in Manila by Hotstepper (Feb 2012)

Buksan ang Puso ng Siyudad (Open the Heart of the City)

Rai Cruz  CAA Road,  Las Piñas, Philippines

Sketch to Wall: Cozy's "Tingala"

"Tingala"  04-01-12 "Sa mga salitang nilikha ng iba, siya'y nagtiwala. Ngayo'y siya'y nakatingala nagaabang sa wala. Sa lupa nalang iluluwa." (He trusted in the words made by others. Now he's looking up, waiting for nothing. He'll be spitting on the ground.) 04-03-12 TS Cruz Las Piñas City, Philippines

2nd Easter Bookhunt!

The mystery of a missing Easter egg and hidden books with clues to unraveling the mystery spiced up the 2nd Easter bookhunt at Buhangin Flyover Park in Davao City last April 9, 2012 (Unsuitable weather on Easter Sunday made organizer move the event on the next day at an earlier time) Indeed, as a blogger wrote on the event, " Why settle for eggs when you can find books? " In this case, find the books, unlock the mystery to Easter the Egg's whereabouts and win a special prize (apart from taking home stacks of books). The orientation. The search! Found! Solving clues/riddles. Two heads are better than one. The bookhunters--- and their finds! The happy egg-finder and Easter the Egg that's key to a bookshopping spree and a bucket of beer. More on the story here . Photos by Mark Limbaga