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After capturing our attention with their curiously fresh and endearing manipulated photographs that make you wonder and tell yourself to look out for deep openings in the surface of the earth the next time you go for a walk around the city, SK was given a chance by the lovebirds to fire up an interview in spite of their busy schedule...   Hello Claire and Karlu! We're glad that you've agreed to be interviewed. Please tell us more about  WλNDERフォ   and how did you come up with the name. Hello! Our duo have been taking digital and analog photographs for a year and a half now. Recently, we decided to give our duo an identity so we've come up with a non-clich é  name,  WλNDERフォ ト (WanderPhoto). Our goal is to find beauty in strange and underrated places, and capture [them] the most direct way possible. Karlu is exceptional in shooting landscapes, [using] analog photography, and drawing illustrations while I handle portraiture photography and post-processing. We u

Davao's August Rush!

How about sending some love to Davao? Send your stickers or your monies and other knick knacks to Wadab Locals  in support of this August event.

GORI's Urban Jungle

GORI has been populating several cities in Luzon, Philippines with his gorillas. Streetkonect caught up with him online to get to know his roots. When did you start doing street art? I'm a really big fan of art. I've admired it since I was a kid. So now, I am determined and focused on making art unlike before when  I had different interests in life. It was year 2009 when I was on my way home and saw a member of VOID CREW painting a huge wall. Colors were everywhere. It really caught my attention. So from that moment until I got home, I thought: Where will I start? How am I going to do it? How can I create something like he did? Then I started sketching everything that was on my mind and whatever my imagination gave me. I researched on every detail and information about the true meaning of street art and graffiti. Then after 2 weeks, I started painting street walls and slapping stickers everywhere I went.   What/who inspired you to do so? I am inspi

Behind the Scene: Chill X Piss

Ano ang bumubuo sa isang litrato? Ang mga imahe na ninanakaw sa bawat pagkakataon na maaaring hindi na muling maulit, ang bawat alaala at istorya na ikinukulong kasabay ng paghigop ng ilaw ng camera. Ang bawat larawan ay may taglay na kapangyarihan, maaaring sa tumitingin o sa taong kumuha o lumikha ng imahe, ito ang inspirasyon sa pagbuo ng eksibisyon nila Chill at Piss. ( What makes up a picture? The images that steal every opportunity that may never again be repeated, the memories and stories that are imprisoned along with the light that cameras sip. Each picture has inherent power, it may come from the viewer or the creator of the image, this is the inspiration that created the exhibition of Chill and Piss. ) Ang konsepto ng show ay umiikot sa pag capture ng mga imahe gamit ang camera at ang proseso ng pagiging saksi ng mga artist sa pagbuo ng bawat litrato at obra, ang tanging patakaran nila Chill at Piss ay ang paggalugod ng posibleng ebolusyon ng mga imahe na nagmula sa

Oh Snaps Kiki

Oh Snaps Kiki is a cross-media team based in Davao City, specializing in layout design, web content development, branding, videography, portrait and event photography. SK caught up with the Creative Director, visual artist and unconventional Ram Botero. First and foremost, tell us about your role in Oh Snaps Kiki and where did all of this begin? For formality’s sake I took the creative director position but we don’t really have assigned posts—we are all creative directors, photographers, lay-out artists, visionaries, dreamers, neurotics, etc. We each have our niches though, tweaking with the camera isn’t my strongest suit but I learn from Arian and Catherine and I hope they also learn from my aesthetics (laughs). Oh Snaps Kiki was fashioned out of vanity from three eccentrics that want to give their alternative idea of beauty. And as much as I wanted to discuss our journey as a budding creative firm, I just couldn’t find the words so let me borrow Kahlil Gibran’s, “Among all