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We Like To Drink Anywhere: We’re Calling it Commorancy ###

After developing a high tolerance for alcohol and the usual sleep deprivation. This group of friends decided to make something of it — most of them already being in the creative and artistic space of society, they turned what used to be just nights of drinking, gluttony, and video games into a collective of people who are self-proclaimed “Proprietors of a Good Time” (no sexual innuendo intended) who were hellbent on bringing creatives and eccentrics together. The Easy Afternoon Fellas. The first of a series of events is Commorancy. In a questionable attempt at trying to sound cool. We decided to call the event   Commorancy###,  by definition “A house or a dwelling place — usually a temporary one”. With the intention of bringing people together in unusual nooks and crannies of Cebu. Each Commorancy has a numerical suffix attached to it which indicates the first clue of its location — The house number. The nomadic nature of the events allows guests to feel familiar in an unfamil

Let's Talk: Ernest Diño

Earlier this month, 856G Gallery together with Beta Operations and Tropical Futures Institute displayed the video art pieces of RV Sanchez and Ernest Diño in a week-long exhibit. Both artists are founders of Beta Operations, a collective interested in the development of new media art through tool exploration. Various art pieces from the group have been displayed on Streetkonect’s webpage over the past two years, and we’ve been proud to host a few videos from both RV and Ernest. Here’s a quick interview with Ernest Diño about his artistic process and the videos displayed in his recent exhibit in 856G, "Diprosopus" A lot of people know you as a filmmaker, production designer, and cinematographer. What’s the difference between your experimental films and your video art pieces? What lines are drawn between the two? Well, I guess they've transformed but they're still essentially the same thing. It was quite some time before I heard of and embra